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MEDIA INTERACTIONS (from the series Hybridisation of Lives)

A series of polaroid photographs and videos of the android HI-2 and Telenoid. The androids were documented in the laboratory of android science pioneer Prof. Hiroshi Ishigura, ATR, Kyoto, Japan during scientific experiments of neuro-interactions between humans and android robots.

What do we understand as life today? Different definitions are falling away as scientific discoveries are made, replaced by new and new ones. The bio-entity as the basic building block of all life is losing its purpose. It is being replaced by a set of achievements of science, the development of technology, a simulacrum of reality into which we also project all our desires, longings and fears. The question is no longer who we are and where we are going, but who or what will succeed us.

Maša Jazbec confronts these questions in both fields of human activity. On the one hand, as a scientist and researcher of the most advanced frontier technologies of cybernetics and android science, and on the other hand, as a visual artist – producer who problematizes fundamental existential and ethical questions.

So who are the apologists of the new civilisation?