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The symbiosis of man and machine: from industrial to humanoid robotics and their impact on contemporary society

The evolution of technology: an introduction to the 21st century

Making man-machine symbiosis happen

New technologies at the beginning of the 21st century allow for an increasing degree of symbiosis between man and machine. Today, there is probably no doubt that we are living in a time when robots are becoming part of our everyday lives.

Dimensions of robotics

Interdisciplinarity and the evolution of discipline

Basically, robotics is an interdisciplinary scientific discipline, representing a broad field of knowledge and key developments in different scientific fields. Robotics in the narrow sense can be said to have long outgrown its original meaning, due to the rapid development of science and new technologies, and especially its applicability in many new fields.

A new chapter in robotics

Optimising economic benefits

One of the important robotic directions in modern society is the development of social and humanoid robotics. Humanoid robots are human-like machines – robots. Industrial robots represent the capitalist engineering of optimising economic benefits, while humanoid robots represent new content and added value within the field of robotics.

Humanoid robots

NAO, Eva and Lili: Humanoid robots in educational processes

This is how we developed identities and character for the NAO humanoid robot. We developed the robot personalities of Eva and Lili. We have developed several educational and demonstrative applications for Evo and Lili to educate the general public about humanoid robotics. By presenting Eva and Lili robots, we are not only providing knowledge from a technical point of view, but also from a humanistic and artistic point of view. The aim of this kind of education is to encourage the general public to think outside the box when it comes to the use of robots in our society.

Robot Culture and Perception

Comparison between the West and Japan

The fascination with robots varies greatly depending on the society, the culture and its history. In the West, when we hear the word “robot”, we still think of a mechanical terminator that cannot be trusted; in Japan, robots are superheroes and human friends. The Japanese are so fascinated by robots that they often refer to their country as the “robot kingdom” (roboto okoku).

Changing the situation in Slovenia

The humanoid robot trend in public

It is now safe to say that the situation in Slovenia regarding the awareness and thus acceptance of robots in society is changing. I have noticed that in Slovenia in the last year there has been a trend of introducing humanoid robots to the general public.


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