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Scientific – artistic research / experiment with android science platform.

The evolution of artificial establishes a new principle of modern posthumous mythology. Hybridity is seen as a new articulation of the contemporary identity. The Axon4.0 project is not critical because such a position is not possible in this context. Axon4.0 is informative and axiomatic. They talk about the things that were, who they are and who will undoubtedly be. It is not up to us to wonder whether the future is good or bad, it is up to us to accept it simply. Apparently, it’s no longer in our power to turn the bike back. Evolution and revolution are going their way. We will adapt or we will be gone. Axon4.0 as a form of things to come.

Concept : Maša Jazbec

Cooperation: ATR Hiroshi Ishiguro Laboratoires, Empowerment Informatics Univ. in Tsukuba