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“Images are the true reality today.“ – Slavoj Žižek
This installation invites visitors to sit down and play Russian Roulette with the Weltschmerz channel, which in spite of being fictive, plays videos that are real. To take part in the installation, the visitor has to sid down, pick up the revolver, spin the barre, put the revolver agains his/her head and pull the trigger. A television set will then play a short video, which could – should be part of almost any news cast. The participant may watch it while having his/her reaction sublty tracked, amplified and played back as the throbbing of a gruesome piece of red form on a table (which present „pain“ or „care“). The choice of video is random, yet it is made from a limited selection of given footage.
In collaboration with Tiago Martins.

Video documentation:


ARS ELECTRONICA FESTIVAL 2011: Mittwoch, 31. August 2011; Brucknerhaus/ Exhibition unuselessness – Weltschmerz.
Foto: rubra


Weltschmerz installation setting at Speculum Artium Festival 2011