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DAY 1 – SEPTEMBER 11, 2020


This virtual 3-days event took place during the ARS ELECTRONICA FESTIVAL: In Kepler’s Garden, targeting makers, developers, fashion designers and artists who are interested in the combination of neurotechnology and brain-computer interfaces with fashion and art.


11:00 CEST | Current and Future Applications of Brain-Computer Interfaces
by Christoph Guger, g.tec medical engineering GmbH (AT)

12:00 CEST | BCIs and Human-Technology Interaction
by Maryam Alimardani, Tilburg University (NL)

13:00 CEST | Creating NeuroArt: Integrating State of the Art Technology with BCI to make Art
by Masa Jazbec, DDTlab (SL)

14:00 CEST | Where Fashion Meets Technology
by Anouk Wipprecht, FashionTech Designer (NL/USA)

15:00 CEST | Enabling High-Resolution BCI – A Wireless EEG Sensing System
by Harald Pretl, JKU (AT) 

16:00 CEST | PANGOLIN SCALES: The World’s 1st 1.024 EEG System for BCI control
by Christoph Guger, Thomas Faseth, Leo Schreiner, Anouk Wipprecht (AT, NL)